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Florida Retrofits recently installed our new high ridge brown metal roof. We were very happy with the service, the people, and the quality of work. Their price was also lower than other companies whose price did NOT even include the tear off of the existing roof (which I would not recommend)!

- Mark Renkens

This service took 3 days to get it completed. The 3 guys worked well in sync. First day they took all the wood down from up underneath the overhang all the way around the house; 2nd day they bought supplies and updated the clips, while cutting to size and painting the new wood to replace it all, starting putting the new wood up in day two after painting it white to match what it use to look like. They also replaced the vents with new ones. While two guys were putting up the new wood pieces, the third guy was touching up the paint and sealing it good. They really did a great job. I was impressed and its hard to impress me. I would call them again if I need any roofing service.

- Michelle Lager

Retrofit did a great job in only 2 days. They completely re-strapped my trusses and had an independent Inspector inspect the job and provided me with a certification. Said certification cut my HO insurance by more than half.

- Sean

Very efficient and dependable. Giving us peace of mind in attaching our roof to wall securely to lastest codes for our area.

- George & Sandy

They did a great job. Professional team with courtesy and an expedient service.

- Bilal

Thank you for being able to do it. I know these insurance companies always look for loopholes so they don’t have to support the state discount. Your company on the other hand is top-notch and I will highly recommend them to everybody

- Kevin Schafer

Excellent. It decreased our Home insurance policy by 60%. I recommend them without hesitation.

- Bilal Kattan

Excellent. It decreased our Home insurance policy by 60%. I recommend them without hesitation.

- Bilal Kattan

Great company to work with especially for insurance purposes. Very kind, knowledgeable and professional.


Very professional company. I had a complete tear off and replacement for a difficult and tricky flat roof. There were some issues with the original materials but the company never abandon me but stepped-up and more than took care of the issues and fully met my high expectations. The Cody, Colin and Joey team are the best. Highly recommend!!