Our Retrofiting Services

Retrofitting can strengthen just about any structure, offering protection and substantial savings on insurance premiums.

A home is considered to be one of the greatest investments a person could have. It's a place you should feel secured and safe. It is of great importance that your home is well-built and strong in order to protect the property and the people residing within. At Florida Retrofits, we provide superior roofing services for homeowners. We will work directly with your insurance agent to ensure the discounts are applied!

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Consider the following services offered by Florida Retrofits:

  • Roof to Wall Connection
  • Roof Deck Attachment
  • Hurricane Straps and Clips
  • Hurricane Shutters
  • Soffit Replacement

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Hurricane Straps & Clips

Learn more about hurricane straps &s; clips and your insurance costs.
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Windows & Doors

Learn more about windows & doors and lowering your energy costs.
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Soffit & Fascia

Learn more about soffit &s; fascia and securing your home.
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Gable-end Bracing

Learn more about our gable-end bracing and securing your home.
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