A little about us..

Florida Retrofits was founded in 2011 by James Cody Thomas. Florida Retrofits and their team of 200 inspectors were heavily involved during the My Safe Florida Home program completing more than 150,000 wind inspections.

During these inspections I saw many changes that made it harder for homeowners to get the the insurance credits they deserve, which in turn made the premiums increase. In this economy.

In October of 2010 a homeowner called me to schedule another wind inspection because the insurance was requiring it to be on the newly released form. It's bad enough charging the homeowner a second time even when the wind mitigation was good for another three years. The homeowner stated that she was on a fixed income and had to wait two weeks to get paid after just installing expensive hurricane shutters costing over $9,000.

Weeks later I receive a phone call from the same homeowner and she is in tears. Her premium increased $215 per month. This is $2580 per year!!! She was very upset and we felt her pain.

The insurance discount is actually greater for reinforncing the roof to wall connection over than discount given for hurricane shutters. We can help guide you to avoid costly mistakes such as this. Our goal is to help homeowners get these credits back at an affordable cost.

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