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I would like to take this opportunity to thank and commmend Floridaretriofits CREW and management for the Professional way they handled their responsibilities before and after Mathew!!!!

- Harris Richman Heritage Isle

Me and my wife wanted to thank know you for your professionalism and quick response. Our inspection is tomorrow. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know that needs roof service. Thanks

- Dave and Carol Sanders

Easy to book estimate and work order with Lisa. Crew on time and completed in 3 hours on 2,200 square foot, 3/2 house made in 1975. Nothing disturbed and no mess. Will recover the cost ($2,110), in 2 years with the credit on the homeowners insurance. Referred to Retro by Tiger Team Roofing. Lisa said she can refer a Certified Wind Mitigation inspector for a full report to include photos taken by install crew. Cost of the inspection is under $100. which we will do once hurricane shutters are installed. Lisa is "good people" and a pleasure to talk with and sent a paid receipt days later.

- Adrienne McKeldin

Florida Retrofits is the very best. They are honest, hard working and fair. I was referred to them for some retrofitting of my truss to wall connections in Wilton Manors. I made an appointment for an onsite estimate with Jeremy. He was on time and very thorough. The application we had previously discussed was not a likely fit as we had some unreachable areas of the home. He spent some additional time and energy on coming up with a solution that would allow us to gain our roof connection insurance discount. The cost was more than we had discussed, but the payback was still in line with what we needed from the insurance savings. While there, we also agreed to have the soffits replaced with vinyl to enhance the look as well as reduce the maintenance. Overall we are very satisfied. From beginning to end and from employee to employee - they are the very best.

- Ritch

"These people were very diligent in getting the job done right, quickly, neatly and friendly! They work the way that I do. You do not even know that they were there because the job sight is as clean as when they arrived. The help get along very well with each other. Their retrofitting our home saved us $8,000.00 for our home owners insurance. Regards to their company!"

- Personnel Connections International LLC

Florida Retrofits not only gave me a beautiful new Roof, but they added ridge vents for ventilation so now my attic, garage and porch are much cooler. So much cooler that I have been able to raise the thermostat in my home and save on my air conditioning costs. My neighbors are admiring the beautiful color (silver birch) shingles and how nice my house looks. Cody's team was prompt and neat cleaning up after the job. FIVE STARS

- Carol Zimmerman

Lisa, special thanks to you for all your hard work.

- Carol Z

Fantastic job!! They did great installing my new roof and they are great to work with.

- Ann

I had roof straps put on last April. I ended up going with Florida Retrofits. Had Frank came out for my estimate . Any questions I had I would email Lisa and get a quick response . They came did what they had to do, cleaned up and left. You would have never known they were there. The job they did was excellent but it’s what followed recently had made me write this. Last month we ended up getting a metal roof & when that inspector came for my wind mitigation he only looked inside my attic and submitted his report showing the old straps nullifying my new straps.They don’t look under soffits or ask. 10 months has passed now and I contacted Lisa for help because they would not take photos of my inspection from the old inspection. Lisa went out of her way helping and even emailing my new wind mitigation company her pictures so I could get that credit. I have never had such great customer service especially well after the job.

- Gina Myers

We are very happy with the job done by Florida Retrofits. The cost of upgrading the straps will be recouped in the first year of our insurance policy!! Their work reduced our insurance bill by half! Great job, great customer service, great crew.